Special Deal For You!

I have been working on four different projects. The first is my body and diet, my second is my spirituality and reconnection with God, and the other two are books! I want to talk about my first book, The Isle of Jeru. I’ve written my entire life, since I could string sentences together; diaries, journals, blogs, poems, short stories, novellas, term papers. This, however, is my first novel. I wrote it out as a short story many, many years ago and I thought that would satisfy it and leave me alone. I was wrong. It kept telling me it was longer, needed more flesh, etc. I took a lot of last year to write it out and finally published it on Kindle.

Then a few weeks ago, my son, who had read it, wanted a physical copy of it. I said, “Sure!”. Easy, right? Nope. After a few weeks of going back and forth and finding an app that would do page numbers, and fix the cover, and hold me whilst I cried, I finally got it, and published it off. The biggest issue I have right now is that the book is 460+ pages long and costs 6.40 to print and my original price point for it was 7.99 but according to Amazon, my lowest price must be $10.38 and I would make zero point zero dollars. So, though I didn’t like it, I set the price point at 11.99 (profit of $1.30) for a middle grade book. Grrr.

However, that’s not the point of this blog! The point is I was kinda ticked at the high price so I used a special Amazon deal and lowered my kindle price from $3.99 to $0.99! Only for the ebook and only for the next 48 hours (starting at 8 am Pacific Daylight Time) it will be $0.99. So go out and buy your kindle copy of The Isle of Jeru. Quick synopsis, Sarah Goodwin has been invited to study at the prestigious Hubert School For Exceptional Children, located on the mysterious Isle of Jeru. While there, she and her three new friends find out about the mystery of Old Mother Hubert’s missing grimoire. They follow the clues and try to find where the grimoire might be hidden, but along the way they find that the Isle has many more secrets and mysteries hidden away. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series and fairytales, you will enjoy this book. So please, go out and buy it for $0.99 today!!

If you don’t have a kindle device no worries, you can download the app and read it on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Here’s a pic of me enjoying my physical copy.

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