Are Gender Specific Vitamins Better For You?

I am anemic so I make sure I take an iron supplement and have iron-rich foods in my diet (spinach, beans, chicken, beef, dark chocolate). I also have a darker skin tone so I worry over my Vitamin D intake, especially in the winter, when I rarely go out long enough to get sun. The other day I was looking at multivitamins in the supermarket and just stood there for a while staring at rows and rows of vitamins. There were vitamins for men and for women, and I was curious what the difference was.

So, what is the difference?

It turns out that women’s vitamins contains more iron than men’s, and in addition the women’s vitamins contains more calcium for bone strength preservation.

Then I read several articles on studies done on the effects of multivitamins, and the findings agree that we might not need multivitamins at all. If you eat a diet that’s not all fast food and potato chips, you are most likely getting enough vitamins and minerals. The studies also found that you are more likely to die sooner if you do take a daily multi! The studies agreed that taking a multivitamin don’t prevent heart disease or cancer risk.

The takeaway is that if you are concerned you’re not getting enough micronutrients, then consult your doctor who can actually test you for deficiencies. As ever, the answer is in the foods you eat and the amount of exercise you get. More leafy greens and rainbow colors in your diet, lean meats, and go for a walk for thirty minutes at least 3x a week.

If you’re interested in how your food can change your life, check out Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams. Stay healthy friends!

One thought on “Are Gender Specific Vitamins Better For You?

  1. Yes, the gender specific vitamins have more of this, or more of that, depending on what you need/ what gender you are. However, it is not like you HAVE TO use your assigned ones, because the lower dosage might just be enough for you.
    And you make a great point – try and get your stuff from the actual food, and not a pill bottle.


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