Take A Break – Girls’ Only Vacation

This is an article taken from Travel and Leisure:

“Ladies who are looking to get away will soon have the perfect refuge from their everyday stresses: an island off the coast of Finland where only women are allowed to vacation.

Finally, a place where women can relax away from the pressures of society and surround themselves with supportive feminine energy and release their inner goddesses.

As intense as that sounds, it’s not exactly far off. SuperShe Island, a project created by entrepreneur and founder of lifestyle and networking blog SuperShe, Kristina Roth, will be the ultimate wellness retreat for women all over the world.

Roth came up with the idea on other wellness retreats she went on, where she noticed that women couldn’t fully relax when men were around, according to ,em>Lonely Planet.

The wooded, remote island is less than 90 minutes away from Helsinki, and is available to women for a few days for up to a few weeks. In order to go there, women must apply for an “exclusive” membership and then be properly “vetted,” which includes an application form and even an interview with Roth over Skype.

This escape from the patriarchy also doesn’t come cheap. On average, an all-inclusive break runs about $3,500 for the week.

Mostly, Roth’s friends have frequented the island, according to the New York Post. She insists that the expensive package and extreme vetting doesn’t mean the island is exclusive.

“I’d like to vet the person and see that they’re well-rounded and would fit in,” she said, “but I don’t want to be elitist.””

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