Five Apps You Should Have When You’re Out

Here is a list of five apps that pay you to do little tasks while you’re out. Did you even know that there were apps that paid you to take pics of shops, scan products at the grocery store, or check out the prices of things? It’s like a mini mystery shopper job! Super easy and simple as long as you have a smartphone. Some of these apps are better if you live in a large metropolitan area but you can still make some money even if you live in a smaller place.

1. Shopkick – Using your phone’s gps, Shopkick gives you points (kicks) every time you walk into a participating shop, purchase something, or scan products in stock. You can even shop online through Shopkick and earn points that way.

2. Gigwalk – Download the app, register your account, connect to a paypal account, and look for gigs in your area. Gigs can be 5 minutes to a few hours and pay can range from $3-$100+. The types of gigs could be going to a certain store and taking a photo of the store sign, or pick up and deliver food for someone in an office. You can pick and choose which gig you’d like to do. Easy peasy!

3. Easy Shift – Easy Shift asks you to go to stores in your area and take photos of products, purchase products, or even dine at a restaurant. You get paid through PayPal.

4. Field Agent – This app asks you to go to certain stores and answer questions, take photos/videos, and submit it. You get paid for these tasks and the information you collected is used by businesses to help them better understand consumers and how to better customers. Just download the app, complete your profile, and find jobs near you.

5. Indeed’s Job Spotter App – Last month, while my son and I were at the mall, I remembered I had this app on my phone and we went around taking pictures of the help wanted signs. In 2 hours we had made $10 just by walking around the mall returning things and shopping! You can only cash out with an Amazon gift card, but there is no threshold to when you can redeem your money. They have a monthly contest and I can see people are making as much as $800 on this app! I imagine they live and work in large cities that have many help wanted signs!

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