10 Awesome School Lunch Bento Boxes

1. Chicken Rollup with carrots, tomatoes, grapes, honeydew and cantaloupe. This is so colorful and gets creative with the flower shaped fruits and vegetables. Get the recipe from Taste of Home

2. This steak hamburger bento is from JustOneCookbook.com. She puts last night’s leftovers into her child’s lunch bento the next day. I like the addition of the corn. The author of JustOneCookbook has a bento box lunch series, so definitely check those out. They are super cute!

3. I love Thanksgiving sandwiches, and I love the Fall theme to this bento, with the colorful carrots sticks, the turkey and cranberry sandwich, and fig newtons. You can see more from Parents.com.

4. This Chinese dumpling bento lunch is easy and delicious. You can make the dumplings ahead of time and freeze them, or you can buy them pre-made at the freezer section, or even the sushi section of some supermarkets. Susan’s Savor It blog, has the full instructions as well as other cute photos and ideas for more bento boxes.

5. I love this Caterpillar Meatball Bento from Happy Little Bento. It comes with corn, berries and grapes, carrots, and meatballs. She has so many adorable bento ideas so check out her blog.

6. This is from Martha Stewart, one of many different and delicious looking lunches. Pack a deconstructed sandwich by layering a slice of bakery bread with cheese slices cut into sunshine shape and adding a few spirals of deli turkey on the side. Fill the rest of the lunch box with strawberries, sliced cucumbers and a first of the season nectarine.

7. This is simple and yummy and because my son loves pizza, I had to add it in. ☺️ I’d add more fruit in the box, like raspberries and blueberries for color, sweetness, and variety. Get the instructions on how to assemble these English muffin pizzas at OneHundredDollarsAMonth.

8. This is another awesome box from Parents.com. This is a Mexican inspired box with rice and beans, star fruit, melons, guacamole, celery, and dried fruit.

9. This is another bento box from Martha Stewart. My son would love this (and he’s a picky eater) and I think the reason why is that it is so colorful and fun, and tempting looking, with all his favorite things: popcorn, mixed fruit, carrots, and cucumber.

10. Oh this one is adorable and the best part is it’s packed in a plastic strawberry container (the kind you get at the market)! According to HappyLittleBento, this monster has “ripe strawberry, some carrots and broccoli, and baby dills wrapped in ham. A few dark red cherries helped fill up the rest of the space”.

Want to make your own delectable bento lunchbox for your kids or for yourself? Here are a few things to help you start off.

1. Bento box – there are a variety on Amazon, like this

Bentgo container

Or Planet Rover stainless steel bento

Or, as you’ve seen, a strawberry container or a Ziploc or Glad plastic container with compartments works just fine.

2. Cookie cutters – these are used to cut out cute shape in bread, fruit, and vegetable.

3. Silicon cupcake molds – these are used to separate sauces, fruits, or other loose snacks from the rest of the box.

4. Decorative picks or bento forks

5. Different variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, and snacks. Check out this chart from Produceforkids.com

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