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Happy Valentine’s Day! Because it’s Valentine’s Day, this Health Wednesday, I’d like to talk about hearts.

Not this kind of heart

But this kind of heart…

Let’s discuss 5 ways to keep your heart healthy so that you can spend more Valentine’s days with the ones you love.

1. Walking – You don’t have to run marathons, or even 5ks for that matter. A brisk walk can be enough to lose weight, and get your heart healthy! Check out Walking For Dummies to get tips on how to walk for maximum benefit.

2. Quit smoking and don’t hang around smokers because 2nd hand smoke is dangerous! If you want to quit smoking or know someone who wants to quit, direct them to Allan Carr’s book, that has nearly 3000 glowing reviews from people who have successfully quit using his method!

3. EatingWell Cookbook

4. Reduce stress – I meditate daily, even if it’s five minutes a day, I just take that time to think about absolutely nothing but how my breath leaves and enters my body. It can be that simple. Meditation has shown to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. I love using the Calm app. I use the free version but you can upgrade and pay a subscription for more choices in meditation. You can listen to a guided meditation or just listen to relaxing sounds. Try it for free.

5. This one surprises people but your oral health I directly linked to your heart health! It’s not just cavities but gum disease that relates to your heart. Floss and brush daily!

The good news is, according to Dr. Esselstyn, you can reverse heart disease! His book details this and can help you or someone you love to prevent and reverse heart disease. Buy it on Amazon!

Keep these tips in mind and a happy Valentine’s to you and yours!

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