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Reading The Telomere Effect while waiting for my car inspection and oil inspection at the dealers. By the way, why am I super productive when I’m at the dealership waiting for car maintenance work? Haha
According to Dr. Axe’s website “Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. Scientists frequently compare them to the plastic tips of shoelaces that keep the laces together. (1) Telomeres function similarly, preventing chromosomes from fraying or tangling with one another. When that happens, it can cause genetic information to get mixed up or destroyed, leading to cell malfunction, increasing the risk of disease or even shortening lifespans.”
From what I have read, the run down of how to keep your telomeres long, which in turn will keep you healthier and living a long life are as follows:
Get plenty of quality sleep, meditate, walk with warm up and cool down and repeat the following 4x(3 minutes of high intensity walking, 3 minutes of strolling), watch your belly size (it shouldn’t be bigger than your hips!), maintain a tribe (your personal relationships and feeling a connection to your community).
Super interesting to read and if you’re interested, check your library or Buy the book on Amazon.

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