Heads Up! Awesome Deal!

This Saturday, February 3, Walmart will be selling a bundle with LEGO Classic 10702 with 583 pieces and classic sand baseplate for the 1958 price!! From what I’ve read on other sites Walmart is selling it for a whopping $5.65!! Only on Saturday and only online! You cannot get it in their stores! So mark your calendars.

Also, this isn’t the only one they will be selling. The next two Saturdays there will be other awesome LEGO deals. I’ll keep you updated. If you follow my site then you’ll get a notice! Whee!

This is from Walmart’s Website:

Flash back to 1958 pricing with the LEGO 60th Anniversary Exclusive bundle! This bundle includes 10702 LEGO Classic Creative Building Set which lets your child’s imagination run wild. It includes 583 pieces in 41 colors that allows kids to make all kinds of projects. Like all LEGO building sets, it’s modular, which means that you can use it with the pieces from your existing collection for even more fun and options. An included brick separator saves you time and effort by making it easy to take pieces apart. This set comes with instructions for nine different models to help keep your kids entertained for a long time. Special pieces, such as eyes, wheels, doors and windows, make it easy to create vehicles, buildings and more. Featuring 3 levels of building complexity, this collection of animals, houses, vehicles and objects unleashes a world of open-ended creativity and imagination. The bundle also includes the LEGO Classic Sand Baseplate, which is an ideal starting point for any LEGO creation. It can act as a foundation for buildings to keep your creations stable to last longer, and it comes in a classic sand color, which is fantastic for simulating desert scenes or bare wood floors.

4 thoughts on “Heads Up! Awesome Deal!

  1. HI, Mom! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the impact of exercise on the brain. Thanks also for signing up to follow me. I hope you benefit greatly. My daughter has gifted me with a Lego set on each of the last two Christmases and we had a lovely time putting them together. Thanks for the Walmart tip. I will be watching. Good luck with your blogging!

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    1. I look forward to following your blog, thank you.
      Walmart is having another sale this Saturday, but you have to order it I believe, as soon as the clock strikes midnight! They were all out of stock when I looked into it Saturday morning!

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