New Year, New Skin

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Alright, I love this stuff.

Every year I think, “This is the year when I’m going to begin to pamper my skin,” then inevitably I forget to put moisturizer with added sunscreen on, and I forget to keep up the regimen that I have outlined… good intentions, and all that. But, if I want to begin my regimen off to the right start, I use this: Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion. Super simple too, just smooth and massage on the crystals around your clean face (avoid your eyes) for a minute, then slather the activator serum on, and continue massaging for another minute, then just rinse off with warm water.

You know how when you kick off a diet, people suggest a cleanse? This is kinda that kick-off cleanse. It leaves your face feeling so soft and smooth. I just love touching my face after this treatment! Read the glowing reviews on Amazon before you give it a go. Also, the directions say you can use it up to 2x a week, but it is a peel, so I suggest giving your face a break and just try it once a week. Chemical peels can be harsh for delicate skin.

Get the kit on Amazon now!

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