Make Money From Swagbucks

There are several ways to earn points on Swagbucks and here are the top five I use to get me closer to my goal of saving ~$600 for my Amazon account (a good place for Christmas gifts for my friends and family).

Let me quickly break it down for you – my goal is $600 (by the end of the year) into my Amazon account. That’s $50 a month for the next 12 months, which is roughly $1.65 a day, which is so doable! And! Amazon cards always have some kind of special deal to them, so you can get them for cheaper than what they’re worth. For example, the current price for a $25 amazon gift card is 2200 points (a savings of $3, if each 100 points is worth $1).  So here are my top five ways of making quick and easy points on Swagbucks:

1. Daily poll- Answer the question and get your ball rolling.

2. Coupons – These are great because you get points just for printing them (up to 100 points a day), then you get paid again for using them. And the coupons aren’t too shabby. For example, I just used a coupon for a dollar off Perdue chicken breasts!


3. Daily goals – Every day you are given a daily goal. For every day you reach that goal, you get an extra amount of swagbucks that is added to your account a few days into the next month (that’s free money!). There’s two tiers, once you complete the first goal, you can get more swagbucks when you reach the second goal.


4. The bulk of my swagbucks points comes from watching videos. Usually, I let it just play in the background while I’m doing other things around the house, like breakfast, or laundry, or writing. In fact, it’s playing as I write there are several ways to watch videos with Swagbucks. One, is through their webpage, under “watch”. You can pick a category and it will automatically stream videos. You get a certain amount of points for a set of videos, like watch 20 and you get 6 points. They also have a variety of mobile apps for watching videos. You can get up to 10 points on each app, plus bonus points.

5. The last are swagcodes. Throughout the day, Swagbucks puts up a few “hidden codes” in their blog, twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere on their page. If you like treasure hunts you can spend time searching for it. Or, like me, just do a search for swagcodes and the first site that pops up will tell you if there is a code, and just copy and paste that into the area where you can put in a code. You can get up to 5 points for the codes.



Now, those are not the only way to earn swagbucks. The quickest way to earn your daily goal is to qualify for a survey and earn your goal in 20 minutes. Searching the web through their search engine is also another way. Shopping using their links to places like Target, Walmart, or amazon are also other ways to earn money. There are dozens of ways, find what suits your schedule and lifestyle and start earning today.

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